My album mentioned in StereoLife!

What captivates me in this music is its amazing lyricism. The sounds that Marcin brings out of his guitar are as precise as a mathematical formula, but on the other hand they do not lose their lightness and even a kind of romanticism … (Adam Widełka, StereoLife)

This is an excerpt from a review of my solo album, Music From Non-Existent Movies. The text by Adam Widełka was published on the Polish audiophile blog, StereoLife. Adam also interviewed me. I’m talking about being a composer, session musician, writing columns, even about life. About the Music From Non-Existent Movies album. Even a bit about my equipment – but not too much, because, well it is terribly hermetic, I know.

Full review is here (in Polish), enjoy!

Marcin Olak Trio LIVE!

Well, I didn’s see it comin’. Just one phone call in the morning – and here it is. Marcin Olak Trio, performing live again, the same day. With Maciek Szczyciński on bass and Krzysztof Szmańda on drums. Hope you enjoy.

I’d like to thank Pałac w Radziejowicach for the invitation and Music Machines for audio and video.

[olo out]

Sorry, that COVID isolation thing is hittin’ me pretty hard. For a moment I won’t publish no news, hope you understand.

You can listen to our last performance, Spontaneous Chamber Music on Ad Libitum Fest. Anna Gadt, Annemie Osborne, Patryk Zakrocki & myself. The last moment before they shut it all down.

Hope you enjoy.

[ olo out ]

Spontaneous Chamber Music on Ad Libitum Festival!

I’m happy I’m able to invite to our concert. Daaaamn, I missed it so much, thank you COVID-19…

On 16.10 Spontaneous Chamber Music – Anna Gadt, Annemie Osborne, Patryk Zakrocki and me – will perform on the Ad Libitum Festival, IMHO one of the best places to listen to improvised music.

The Festival takes place in Warsaw, Poland, but we’ll probably be online, too. Take a listen, if you like. More info on Ad Libitum website.

16.10, 19:00 – Spontaneous Chamber Music, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Sala Laboratorium, Warszawa.

Spontaneous Chamber Music, vol. 3 – out now!

Spontaneous Chamber Music, vol. 3

I am proud to announce new album being released now. Anna Gadt, Annemie Osborne, Patryk Zakrocki & myself. Free improvised music for voice, cello, viola & guitar. Spontaneous Chamber Music, vol. 3. It’s out now.

Our album is released by legendary Fundacji Słuchaj! and is available HERE – as download or CD.

What’s more – we’ve got the first review, by unfailing Maciej Lewenstein! “A wonderful encounter of Spontaneous Chamber music duo of Zakrocki and Olak, with the phenomenal Anna Gadt and equally phenomenal Annemie Osborne, recorded in December 2018 at Quality Studio in Warsaw. Anna continue her run on the red carpet to join the world leading avantgarde vocalists like Maggie Nicols or Laureen Newton. Zakrocki and Olak master their unbelievable synergy and musical imagination. While Anna is more on jazz avantgarde side, Annemie drags toward contemporary chamber music.” – wooow, we’re so proud, thank you, mr. Lewenstein!

Music From Non-Existent Movies – LIVE!

Today, at 21:00 I’ll play for you an improvised set with Music From Non-Existent movies. It will be a unique concert – Anna Gadt joins me this time, I’s soooo lucky! She’s a brilliant artist, improviser, singer, composer… and a great person – if you don’t know her albums, be sure to listen. More information about Anna can be found here.

One more thing – we decided to base our improvisations on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is the milestone document which says that we are all equal. That we have the same rights. That no one can be illegally deprived of these rights, freedom, or dignity … Now, when nationalism begins to revive again, when people are excluded on the basis of their beliefs, sexual orientation, when we are so divided – now we want to recall this text: “all people are born equal… ”. This declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1948. After the war. So that there would be no more wars …

fot. Pedro Figuares / Pexels

Link to the concert will appear here and on my Facebook 15 mins before the concert. You can listen and watch it for free. Enjoy!

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Music From Non-Existent Movies – Live Now!

In a moment I’ll play for you my solo guitar improvised set with Music From Non-Existent Movies. You can watch it for free, on my YouTube channel – you’re welcome.

Just click >> HERE <<

To watch slightly edited replay click >> HERE <<

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Music From Non-Existent Movies – live at last!

Well… This COVID-19 thing’s hit us all. I miss concerts, I miss meeting you, I miss playing live. And finally, courtesy of the Polish Ministry of Culture, I’ll be able to play something live. For the first time since the premiere of my “Music From Non-Existent Movies”, I’ll play those tunes live. I’ll play in my dungeon, in my studio, and anyone who wants to, will be able to watch it live. Listen. Participate.

Music From Non-Existent Movies

I’ll play on 15.07 at 21:00. Such a strange moment, in the middle of the week, in the middle of summer. In the middle.

I wonder how it’ll sound… It’s improvised music, after all, played once and never repeated. Well…

Music From Non Existent Movies is only available on my Bandcamp, only digital version. Everything is digital now.

Streaming will be available on my YouTube channel and the concert link will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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