Music From Non-Existent Movies – live at last!

Well… This COVID-19 thing’s hit us all. I miss concerts, I miss meeting you, I miss playing live. And finally, courtesy of the Polish Ministry of Culture, I’ll be able to play something live. For the first time since the premiere of my “Music From Non-Existent Movies”, I’ll play those tunes live. I’ll play in my dungeon, in my studio, and anyone who wants to, will be able to watch it live. Listen. Participate.

Music From Non-Existent Movies

I’ll play on 15.07 at 21:00. Such a strange moment, in the middle of the week, in the middle of summer. In the middle.

I wonder how it’ll sound… It’s improvised music, after all, played once and never repeated. Well…

Music From Non Existent Movies is only available on my Bandcamp, only digital version. Everything is digital now.

Streaming will be available on my YouTube channel and the concert link will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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