Non-Existent Movies @ Project Cafe (WAW, PL)

Another solo improvised set is coming. Underground thing, as usual. Project Cafe is a small venue located in Warsaw, kind of art gallery. They’re opened minded and willing to listen to some experimental stuff, so here I go.

Come, listen & enjoy the music if you’re nearby.

2.06. 20:00. Galeria Projekt Cafe (KEN20a/u2, Waw, PL) – Marcin Olak, solo guitar.

I made it to JazzTop!

I found my name in the JazzTop 2022! According to Polish jazz critics I’m one of the top ten Polish jazz guitarists. It’s so nice! Thank you and congratulations to the winners and all honorees! Thank you, Jazz Forum!

It might get loud…

Today @ 8:00 PM I’m gonna play with Jack Saint some dirty, rockin’ underground sounds. I’ll sing two songs of my own, then I’ll join the Saints for some their stuff. Come to the Pogłos (WAW, PL) to hear us screamin’ f****n loud, sounds like a plan?

2.07.2022, 8:00 PM, Jack Saint feat. M @ Pogłos, WAW, PL

M. Broken Songs

Call me M. My new album – M. Broken Songs – is out now. It’s my debut as a singer-songwriter. 15 songs, 15 stories, kind of personal statement… The most personal thing I ever did. Hope U enjoy.

I sing ang play guitars, percussion and blues harmonica, and I got Steve Swell on trombone, Ben Stapp on tuba, Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello (there’s no such thing as too much f***** cello!) & Marco Colonna on sax & flute. And they’re incredible – i mean it!

Album is available on FSR Bandcamp – you can listen to the whole thing and buy it if you like.

BTW: I’ll be playing it life – 25.06, 20:30 @ Skład Butelek (WAW, PL).

M. Broken Songs

Music Therapy

Something went wrong. Terribly wrong. The plague, Russian aggression against Ukraine, all that pain and suffering…

No, I’m not able to heal it. But I can play guitar. And I will play some peaceful notes at Skład Butelek on 29.04, 8:00 PM. Music Therapy Sessions are dedicated to those who are tired, unsure, lost. Come and have some rest. Yes, you can buy tickets at the door, but if you are a refugee or a volunteer helping refugees you don’t have to pay me anything.

Marcin Olak Solo/Music Therapy, 29.04, 20:00 @ Skład Butelek (11 Listopada 22, WAW). Tickets 15PLN

Marcin Olak solo @ Skład Butelek, 29.04.2022

Time to play

You know? This pandemic shit really weakens me, sometimes I even find it hard to go practicing… That makes me value each concert I play even more. It’s like f***** xmas in the middle of February, or something. And that’s why I’m really happy to invite you to my solo gig in Skład Butelek (WAW, PL)

I’m playing on 19th February, 20:00CET. Skład Butelek is kind of “off the grid” place, it really fits this kind of music I think. I want to focus on some new themes, new concepts… Just come & listen, and I’ll try to make it worth it, OK?

Marcin Olak solo, 19.02, 20:00 @ Skład Butelek (11 Listopada 22, WAW). Tickets at the door: 15PLN.

BTW – my solo guitar music i available on my Bandcamp. You can listen, you can buy – I strongly encourage you to buy music directly from the artists via Bandcamp, it’s one of the very few platforms that actually is fair and respects the musicians.

Back on stage?

It looks like that. I mean I don’t believe it yet, it’s been more than a year beeing locked down. No gigs, no audience… and finally there is some hope. Got some gig scheduled this summer, wow! Check the Concerts tab, and come and listen if you please!

My album mentioned in StereoLife!

What captivates me in this music is its amazing lyricism. The sounds that Marcin brings out of his guitar are as precise as a mathematical formula, but on the other hand they do not lose their lightness and even a kind of romanticism … (Adam Widełka, StereoLife)

This is an excerpt from a review of my solo album, Music From Non-Existent Movies. The text by Adam Widełka was published on the Polish audiophile blog, StereoLife. Adam also interviewed me. I’m talking about being a composer, session musician, writing columns, even about life. About the Music From Non-Existent Movies album. Even a bit about my equipment – but not too much, because, well it is terribly hermetic, I know.

Full review is here (in Polish), enjoy!