Back on stage?

It looks like that. I mean I don’t believe it yet, it’s been more than a year beeing locked down. No gigs, no audience… and finally there is some hope. Got some gig scheduled this summer, wow! Check the Concerts tab, and come and listen if you please!

My album mentioned in StereoLife!

What captivates me in this music is its amazing lyricism. The sounds that Marcin brings out of his guitar are as precise as a mathematical formula, but on the other hand they do not lose their lightness and even a kind of romanticism … (Adam Widełka, StereoLife)

This is an excerpt from a review of my solo album, Music From Non-Existent Movies. The text by Adam Widełka was published on the Polish audiophile blog, StereoLife. Adam also interviewed me. I’m talking about being a composer, session musician, writing columns, even about life. About the Music From Non-Existent Movies album. Even a bit about my equipment – but not too much, because, well it is terribly hermetic, I know.

Full review is here (in Polish), enjoy!

[olo out]

Sorry, that COVID isolation thing is hittin’ me pretty hard. For a moment I won’t publish no news, hope you understand.

You can listen to our last performance, Spontaneous Chamber Music on Ad Libitum Fest. Anna Gadt, Annemie Osborne, Patryk Zakrocki & myself. The last moment before they shut it all down.

Hope you enjoy.

[ olo out ]

Musicians vs. COVID-19.

It has begun. Our concerts are being canceled due to COVID-19. And I’m afraid I have to admit it makes sense. This virus needs to be stopped, and the places where people gather are places where you can get infected. But it means that we – musicians – don’t have a job. Well…

So if you want to help us, just take care of health. Wash your hands, avoid situations where you can catch this shit. Help to stop it. As soon as the plague is over, we’ll be back on stage. And then just come to the concert and buy a ticket, OK?

Oh, and by the way: if you want me to record a guitar for your new album, write me. I’m pretty available at the moment… ;)

“Gombrowicz” – first reviews

We’ve got the first reviews of “Gombrowicza” – it looks like they like it!

Maciej Lewenstein wrote: “Phenomenal! One of the best jazz/poetry, or better to say improvisation/poetic prose Polish records of all time. … “Gombrowicz” is a clear masterpiece of this kind of music/performance, infinitely original and incredibly ingenious. There nothing comparable to Anna Gadt and Marcin Olak!!!.”

All the review is in English, you can read it here.

And here is another one, by Adam Baruch: ” This album, however, is genuinely Avant-Gardist in every bit of its existence and its ingredients as much as a whole – a rare and beautiful thing indeed – and an absolute treasure! Thank you Anna and Marcin!”

All the Adam’s review is here.