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Marcin Olak

Guitarist, composer, improvising and experimenting musician. He is one of the few who can play modern jazz on classical and acoustic guitars, using the specific sound and articulation possibilities of those instruments, he also plays electric guitars. Usually guitar in jazz guitar is treated linearly. Most guitarists play with a pick, and are thus able to play a single note melody or chords. Marcin Olak - with his classical guitarist background - plays differently. He creates a multilevel, complex textures, using the specific sound and articulation possibilities of his guitars, as it is in the European guitar tradition.

Olak moves between various styles: jazz, classical and contemporary pieces, from fully composed pieces to improvised music. Marcin Olak peforms solo and with various bands: from free-jazz combos, through classical guitar ensambles, to the symphony orchestra. Marcin is also appreciated as an arranger and composer: he writes chamber music and concertos, jazz themes and songs.

Marcin Olak played at some of the most important guitar and jazz festivals, such as: Bridges, Ad Libitum, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Warszaw Autumn, JazzArt and more.

Chosen discography:

  • Marcin Olak Quartet, Bessarabian Journey (Fundacja Słuchaj, 2016)
  • Zakrocki/Olak/Wielecki, Spontaneous Chamber Music, vol. 1 (Fundacja Słuchaj, 2016)
  • Agusti Fernandez & Ad Libitum Ensamble, River Tiger Fire (Fundacja Słuchaj, 2015)
  • The Intuition Orchestra, To The Inside (ForTune, 2014)
  • Marcin Olak Trio, Crossing Borders (Luna Music, 2012)
  • Marcin Olak Trio, Simple Joy (4Ever Music, 2008)
  • Polish Jazz 2007 (składanka, Polonia Records 2008)
  • Marcin Olak Trio, Zealot (J3.16, 2005)

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Marcin Olak Trio

Marcin Olak Trio, Crossing Borders Marcin Olak Trio, Simple Joy Marcin Olak Trio, Zealot

Cool, acoustic trio. The music - mostly Marcin's own compositions - can be placed somewhere between jazz and contemporary chamber music. It focuses around the sound of acoustic and classical guitar, complemented by double-bass and prepared drums. It's worth pointing out that the Marcin Olak Trio is one of the few jazz bands in the world (!) with classical and acoustic guitars as the lead instruments. Electronic instruments are not used. Every sound is natural and the musicians become the only source of energy on stage.

Marcin Olak Trio are:

Marcin Olak - guitars,
Maciej Szczyciński - bass,
Krzysztof Szmańda - drums.

The Trio played at some of the most important Polish jazz festivals, including: FRE3 JAZZ DAYS, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Jazz Juniors and many more.

Please, listen to the tune from our album:

And this is a new thing, just a rehearsal recording. We hope to record it this fall:

You can find more recordings at
Download Marcin Olak Trio's info note and rider.


Marcin Olak Quartet

Marcin Olak Quartet. Bessarabian Journey.

"Bessarabian Journey" is a suite, based on traditional Jewish music from Bessarabia. Marcin Olak Quartet mixes ethnic, trans energy with jazz and intuitive music. The sound is pretty strong, intensive - but not agressive. Sometimes musicians let the listener relax a bit - they play softly, quietly, using acoustic sounds... only to hit again in a moment.

We decided not to play those tunes in a traditional way. Instead we asked ourselves a question: what could've happen if that tradition had lived, if that music still kept growing and developing itself? "Bessarabian Journey" is one of the possible answers.

Marcin Olak Quartet are:

Patryk Zakrocki - viola,
Maciek Szczyciński - bass,
Krzysztof Szmańda - drums
Marcin Olak - guitars.

Just listen:

You can find more tracks at
And here you can download our info note and rider.

Spontaneous Chamber Music

Spontaneous Chamber Music.

Zakrocki/Olak/Wielecki: Spontaneous Chamber Music, vol. 1

It's all about improvisation. Open, with no limits.

We come from different backgrounds. We played on the jazz festivals and with symphony orchestras - actually we composed for them. We wrote and performed music for movies and theatres. We gave masterclasses on improvisation. We played ancient and contemporary music. We were leaders and session musicians. And now we play together, searching for new sounds. We mix chamber music with... well, with everything. We improvise.

We are:

Marcin Olak - guitars (real and imagined ones)
Patryk Zakrocki -  viola, electric mbira, live electronics
Mikołaj 'Miki' Wielecki - percussions

Our first album, "Spontaneous Chamber Music, vol. 1", was released in January 2016, by Słuchaj Foundation. Media support is provided by

Listen to some tunes from our CD:

And this is a tune we've improvised live at Dragon club:

More tunes can be found at
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Marcin Olak. Solo.

It is a unique moment. Musician only has his instrument, his sensitivity, creativity, his skills. There is no band to hide behind, no excuses. A moment of truth.

Actually that's how Marcin Olak has begun: educated as a classical guitarist he played many solo recitals. However, classical guitarists usually play fully composed music, and Marcin was not that much interested in it. He always preferred to add some creativity, some improvisation... He improvised cadenzas in classical sonatas, variations, he loved improvising in contemporary music. As a composer Marcin blended chamber music with jazz, always avoiding staying within an idiom.

In fact it was only a matter of time. Marcin just came back to the roots, he plays solo recitals again. But this time everything is improvised.

During the anty-recital - as Marcin himself describes it - everything is possible. Aleatorism and sonorism mixes with poliphony; a jazz-like tune can evolve into a fugue, and ends as a stream of consiousness. Summed up with a classical cadenza. Or something else.

Read a rewiev @ (in Polish).

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